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Explanation of 2021 UGC NET Previous Year Solved Paper of political science which will create ease in the preparation of UGC JRF examination.

1.Which one of the following theories is not related to Marx?

a) Theory of alienation

b) Theory of Surplus Value

c) Dictatorship of proletariat

d)Origin of the family , Private Property and the state

Answer: Origin of the family , Private Property and the state

Explanation : Origin of the family , private property and the state is not related to Marx , It was written by Friedrich Engels.

2. In which aspect does Modern Liberalism not believe ?

a) Social  Liberalism

b)positive freedom

c)cradle to grave welfare

d) Minimal Welfare

Answer: d) Minimal Welfare

Explanation: Modern Liberalism supports the keynesianism – a rejection of classical liberal lassezfaire  economics .keynes acknowledged that an unrestricted market would not always be workable and government can influence the market through manage aggregate demand.

3.Which one of the following statement is true?

a) no right can be given to a man against the social interest

b)grant of the rights has no concern with social interest

c)right  can have anti social order

d) rights are selfish claim

Answer: a) no right can be given to a man against the social interest

Explanation:  Every right has made to secure free and full development of the citizens’ personality.There are some restrictions on rights to respect the freedom of others. Therefore,no right can be given to a man against the social interest of any other citizens’ rights.

4.”We are witnessing the end if the history as such that is the endpoint of mankind’s ideological evolution and the universalisation of western liberal democracy as the final form of the human government “. Whose thesis is this ?

a)Francis Fukuyama

b)Daniel  Bell

c)Milton Friedman


Answer: a)Francis Fukuyama

Explanation:  Francis Fukuyama is a conservative political philosopher and economist . He was interested in US foreign policy.He wrote The end of history and The last man in 1992 . His contention in the book is that liberal democracy is the final form of government for the world and the end of human ideological struggle .

5.How was the Early Liberalism characterised by C.B.Macpherson?

a)Possessive liberalism

b) Welfaristic



Answer:  a)Possessive liberalism

Explanation: C.B.Macpherson started the first wave  of criticism of the narrow liberalism .He placed a genuinely novel interpretation on the history of the political thought in the political theory of possessive Individualism.

6. “We will get nothing by appealing to or shouting hoarse in the ears of the british bureaucracy in India “. Who said this?

a)Lala Lajpat Rai

b)Subhash Chandra Bose


d)Bal Gangadhar  Tilak

Answer:  d)Bal Gangadhar  Tilak

Explanation: Bal gangadhar TIlak wrote the above given lines in his work Kesari with resoect of the ineffectiveness of the of the Constitutional Methods. Therefore he adopted the method of agitation which must heart the british government.

7.Which one of the following is not a part of the political Philosophy of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhayaya?

a)Consideration of man as atoms

b)Cultural Nationalism

c)Integral Humanism

d)Democratic Governance

Answer:  a)Consideration of man as atoms

Explanation : His Philosophy is synthesis of the material and the spiritual ; the individual and the collective as well.

8.”Revolutionary Violence is not just cathartic but it is also allows the colonial subjects to recreate themselves “. Whose Statement is this ?

a) Hannah Arendt

b)Frantz Fanon



Answer:  b)Frantz Fanon

Explanation: Frantz Fanon’s approach towards the violence and its effect on the individual is particularly guided by his personal life experience related to colonialism and Racism.

9.Who amongst the following wrote The Art of War ?



c) Hobbes


Answer:  a)Machiavelli

Explanation : The Art of War  is one of the world’s great classics of the military and political theory .It praises to the finest military minds in history .

10.Who amongst the following stated that life is “a perpetual and restless desire for the power after power ,that ceaseth only in death”?



c) Hobbes


Answer:  c) Hobbes

Explanation: The Influence of Thomas Hobbes derives from the book ‘ Leviathan’ and his creation of a social Contract .He also elaborates that Life is nothing more than a struggle for Power in the explanation of above given quote.

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