UGC NET Previous Year Solved Paper Part-3


Explanation of 2021 UGC NET Previous Year Solved Paper of political science which will create ease in the preparation of UGC JRF examination.

1.Which of the following is not provided to the Indian diaspora under the ‘Overseas Citizenship of India Scheme’?

a)Right for economic Activities

b)Political Rights as Citizens

c)Educational Rights

d)To Acquire Life time Visa

Answer: b) Political Rights as Citizens

Explanation : Overseas citizenship of India Scheme does not provides political rights to the Indian Diaspora like voting rights and elected presidential and other elections as candidate. It is majorly used to acquire life time visa for frequent travel to India .

2.Which Agreement of the Defence Cooperation was signed by India with USA in 2020?

a)Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement

b)General Security of Military Information Agreement

c)Logistic Exchange and Memorandum Agreement

d)Communication and Information Security Memorandum Agreement

Answer: a)Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement

Explanation : India and USA signed The Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement on October 27, 2020. All the other Agreement which given above had signed earlier.

  • Name the boundary line between India and China :

   a)Durand Line

b)Radcliffe line

c)Mcmohan Line

d)Palk Strait

Answer: c)Mcmohan Line

Explanation :Mcmohan Line marks the boundary between the India and China. It was the result of the Shimla Treaty (1914) but till now China is not satisfied with this boundary .

4)The Superintendence , Direction and Control of elections to be vested in an Election Commission (Article 324 of the constitution of India ) came force on :

a)26 january 1950

b)15 August 1947

c)26 November 1949

d)25 january  1950

Answer: c)26 November 1949

Explanation :

5)How long can the Vice President act as President when the office of President falls vacant ?

a)Six months

b)One Year

c)Two years

d)Five years

Answer: a)Six months

Explanation :When president dies or left his/her office , vice president automatically became an acting President till the new president elected . the elction must be conducted within 6 months .

6.By which Constitution Amendment the word  ‘Socialist,Secular and Integrity’ were incorporated in our Constitution ?

a)40th Amendment

b)42nd Amendment

c)44th amendment

d)46th Amendment

Answer: b)42nd Amendment

Explanation : 42nd Amendment is also called Mini Constitution . It consists a lot of amendments in the constitution . Socialist , Secular and Integrity has added in the Preamble .

7.Who among the following referred to the Constituent Assembly of the India as ‘Microcosm in Action’?

a) B.R.Ambedkar

b) Granville Austin

c)Rajni Kothari

d)Rajendra Prasad

Answer: b)Granville Austin

Explanation : Granville Austin analyses the Constitution of India which he described it as “First and foremost a social Document”. He is renowned scholar of the Indian Constitution and Constitutional Debates . His famous work is ‘The Indian Constitution : Cornerstone of a Nation.’

8.Which one of the following statements does not characterize a social action group .

a)They are Partisan Group

b)They are non-institutional Organizations

c)They are non-autonomous groups dependent on the support of the government

d)They are Non-professional formations

Answer: c)They are non-autonomous groups dependent on the support of the government

Explanation : Social Action Groups are autonomous group which are not dependent on the support of the Government because they are non institutional Organizations and non professional formations. They work for the social development of the Society.

9.Which of the following does not characterize electoral politics in India today ?

a)Multi Party System

b)Coalition Formation

c)Stabilization of the Congress Dominance system

d)Increase in the scope of electoral choice of voters

Answer:  c)Stabilization of the Congress Dominance system

Explanation : In Current scenario, Congress is not in Power due to Multi Party System and Coalition Formation. After Independence, we observed the dominance of single party which was Congress and that dominance is known as Congress Dominance System .

10.Who wrote Reinventing Government (1992)?

a)Edward Wiedner

b)Gordon Tullock

c)Osborne and Gaebler

d)Chester Barnard

Answer: c)Osborne and Gaebler

Explanation : The Book Reinventing Government is related to Birth of New Public Management which was written by David Osborne and Ted Gaebler in 1992.

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