UGC NET Previous Year Solved Paper


Explanation of 2021 UGC NET Previous Year Solved Paper of political science which will create ease in the preparation of UGC JRF examination.

1)Periyar E.V. Ramaswamy argued in favour of:

  1. Caste based social system
  2. Human Dignity
  3. Varnashram
  4. Enhancing the status of Hindi in India

Answer : b) Human Dignity

Explantion: E.V. Ramaswamy was popularly known as Periyar . He was neither a rationalist nor a humanist. He was Anti Hindu and Pro British . He always criticizes the Varnasharam ,Caste based social system and  increasing the importance of Hindi Language . He emphases on the Individual Human Dignity which should not be hamper in any condition.

2)Who considered bureaucracy as the ‘State’s consciousness’?

  1. Marx
  2. Lenin
  3. Miliband
  4. Poulantzas

Answer : Marx

Explantion : According to the Karl Marx , The Bureaucracy is the state formation of civil society . It is the state‘s consciousness, the state’s will , the state’s power , as a Corporation. The corporation is civil society’s attempt to become state; but the bureaucracy is the state which has really made itself into civil Society .

3)Which one of the following is not a function of political parties?

  1. formartion of the public opinion
  2. Formation of government and alternate government
  3. Political education to public
  4. To control the judiciary

Answer : d) To control the judiciary

Explantion : In Indian Constitution , Judiciary is completely separated from executive and legislative bodies. Independence of Judiciary is the core idea to separate its work from Political Parties’ Influence.

4)Which of the following is not a characteristics of constitutionalism ?

  1. Value based concept
  2. Culture based concept
  3. Party based concept
  4. Dyanamic concept

Answer : c) Party based concept

Explantion : Our Constitution makers focus on the values, culture and Dynamic concepts in the creation of Indian Constitution. Party Based concept creates anarchy which has no place in the Democratic republic like India.

5)Which among the following statements regarding citizenship in India is not correct?

  1. Citizenship provision come into force on 26 November 1949
  2. A person who voluntarily acquires the citizenship of a foreign country ceases to be an Indian Citizen.
  3. A citizen of India can simultaneously be the citizen of another country
  4. The Parliament has the power to make provisions pertaining to acquisition and termination of citizenship.

Answer : c) A citizen of India can simultaneously be the citizen of another country

Explantion :  As per Citizenship Act 1955 , there are three ways to cease the citizenship from any citizen- Termination , Renunciation and Willing. Willing includes the voluntarily exit from Indian Citizenship through accepting the another country citizenship.

6)Who among the following distinguished between interest articulation function and other anomic group functions?

  1. Almond and Powell
  2. Almond and Coleman
  3. Jean Blondel
  4. Hugh Heclo

Answer : Almond and Coleman

Explantion : Factual information from concepts and authors

7)Who among the following dependency theorists added the concept of Semi-Periphery ?

 a)Raul Prebisch

b)Andre Gunder Frank

c)Henrique Fernando Cardoso

d)Immanuel Wallerstein

Answer : Immanuel Wallerstein

Explantion : Immanuel Wallerstein divided his Dependency theory into three part: Core , Semi-Periphery and Periphery . Countries has categorized into these different section according to their economical condition and self sufficiency.

8)Which one of the following is not a feature of Sustainable Development ?

  1. Unrestricted Development
  2. Based on principle of generational equity
  3. Development without environmental degradation
  4. Meeting present needs, without compromising needs for future

Answer : Unrestricted Development

Explantion : Sustainable is known for its environment friendly economical development without effecting the beauty of Natural Environment and their Habitat. It includes restricted Development .

9)Which one of the following is not the core issue related to the Neo-realist theory of International relations ?

a)Actors react in an anarchical environment

b)Structure is a major determinant of actor’s behaviour

c)States are always engaged in the process of Monopoly Capitalism

d)Distrust and fear among actors creates problem of security dilemma

Answer : States are always engaged in the process of Monopoly Capitalism

Explantion : Neo-Realist theory of International relations explains about the security dilemma and power balancing concept . It does not focus on Monopoly capitalism because it is bad for the healthy competition in domestic as well as international Economy .

10)India is not a member of which multilateral export control regime?

a)Missile Technology control regime

b)Nuclear Suppliers group

c)Wassenar Arrangement

d)Australia Group

Answer : Nuclear Suppliers group

Explantion :The Nuclear Suppliers group is a group of nuclear supplier countries that seeks to contribute to the non – proliferation of Nuclear Weapons . The NSG came into being as a response to the 1974 nuclear tests of India. India is not the member of NSG because all its efforts were consistently blocked on the ground of India being a non-signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

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