India and France Relations

India and France

India and France are taking long bets on each other. These are two important power, one in Europe and the other in Asia, with similar conceptions of the World. Both these powers realize that there are much better chances if they work in close concert. Both Countries follow an independent foreign policy and practice strategic  autonomy, which also maintains the notion of a multi-polar World.

India and France have created a good foreign relationship between them in the perspective of economic, Hi storical, Political, Social, and defense trade, and correlation in world forums and Organizations. All these perspectives made both of these world power more influential. Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi completed a successful visit to France, India’s friendly gesture has made strong ties between them.

Historical Relations between India and France

The French was the last colonial power to enter into the trade with India . The french east India company was founded in 1664. After the Third Carnatic war , the power of french East India company had diminished gradually . the French was left with very few colonies.

After the Independence of India , France established diplomatic relations with India . It began the friendship of India and France relation. All the former French colonies were administered as the Union territory of Puducherry.

Political and strategic partnership between India and France

France-India commit to increasing trade to 15 bn euro by 2020 - The  Statesman
Image Source: Thestatesman

In 1998, the relationship between India and France took a new turn when both nations came together into a strategic partnership. In the 25th year of the strategic partnership, the PM said ties were “in excellent shape “, and “ strong, trusted, consistent “.

India has made many strategic partners in the last 35 years but the first of them was signed with France in 1998. After the Pokhran Nuclear tests,France was helping India by supporting and refraining from imposing sanctions. Since then these two countries have shared almost all multilateral forums including the UN Security Council. They have also jointly launched the International Solar Alliance and established trilateral like India-France-Australia and India- France-UAE.

Indian PM issued a joint statement about each country’s commitment to fight Terrorism. He also reiterated the strengthening of the India-EU strategic Partnership in the Indo-Pacific. India and France have signed the agreement for the cooperation on Gaganyaan Mission. India’s PM visited France in 2019 for G7 Summit as a goodwill partner. Both countries issued India France Roadmap on cybersecurity and Digital technologies and 4 agreements.

Economic Relations between India and France

Indian, French Forces to Access Each Other's Naval Facilities in Indian  Ocean
Image Source: The wire

France has become a major source of FDI for India. It is the 11th largest foreign investor in India with a cumulative investment of USD 10.49 billion from April 2000 to December 2022 which represents 1.68% of the total FDI inflows into India according to statistics provided by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade.

India has also Double Tax Avoidance Agreement with France. It will be very beneficial for the friendly relationship between both of these countries. The Double taxation Avoidance Agreement helps to avoid paying double taxes on income earned in both their country of residence and India.

Recent Developments between India and France

India, France agree to strengthen ties in Indo-Pacific area | Latest News  India - Hindustan Times
Image Source: Hindustan Times
  • India and France have embarked on a embarked on a ground breaking collaboration to advance aeronautical technologies. This aeronauticcal technologies developments aim to enhance the defense defence capabilities of both countries .
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi has honored with the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour. It is France highest civilian and military Honor.
  • The Procurement of Rafale Marine Fighter Jets and Scorpene Submarines strengthens the Indian Navy. This Defence Deal created a friendly environment between both countries. Defence Acquisition Council of India played a crucial role in it.
  • There are many Military exercises take place with France. Shakti Exercise is a bilateral exercise between India and France. Varuna exercise is the annual naval exercise between India and France .
  • TRISHNA is the third joint satellite mission of the India space research organization ISRO and France’s CNES.
  • On the 14th July , France celebrates Bastille Day as its Independence day every year. This year , on 14th July 2023 France pleasured to give Prime Minister Narender Modi as its Chief Guest which is a symbol of good relation between India and France.

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