8 Government Schemes under the MeitY


MeitY stands for Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. It works to develop India concerning the Information Technology Sector. It also focuses on the Digital India Mission and IT Industry of India.

1) Digital India Internship Scheme 2023

MeitY has launched this Scheme to empower the youth of the country. It also creates eligibility criteria for the internship in MIETY. They require B.tech, MCA, MSC, LLB, B. A with economics etc. graduates candidates. The students who are in the last semester or who will pass out in summer 2023 will not be eligible for the internship. Only students who are in the previous year will be eligible. Its application URL is http://meity.gov.in/schemes.

2)BPO Promotion Scheme

It is also called the Northeast BPO Promotion Scheme and India BPO Promotion Scheme. MeitY has initiated this scheme for Creation of employment opportunities for the youth, by promoting the IT industry, particularly by setting up the BPO operations in smaller cities. It also promotes the investment in IT Sector to expand the base of the IT Industry. This Scheme would ensure substantial Investment and provide financial support in the form of Viability Gap Funding to eligible Companies. It works under the Digital India programme.

3)Visvesvaraya PhD Scheme for Electronics and IT

It launched with the objective of enhancing the number of Ph.D.s in Electronic system Design and manufacturing and IT Sectors in the Country. The Total estimated cost of this scheme is 466 crore rupees. The Scheme is also expecting to motivate working professionals and non-PhD faculty members to pursue Ph.D.

4)Samridh Scheme

The Samridh Scheme will support existing and upcoming accelerators to select and accelerate potential product-based startups to scale. The program will focus on accelerating the startups by providing customer connect, investor connect and internationalization connect services. The extending Accelerator Services as defined below to startups and even provide the first round of funding of up to 40 lakh rupees ( with an average of 30 lakh rupees per startup per cohort ). MeitY has also developed the Startup Exit management has also mentioned in this scheme – Biannual reviews of startups in a portfolio will be carried out and the generated reports shall be taken for a decision on exiting from the Startup.

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The government of India has introduced many schemes through the Ministry of Electronics and Information and Technology (MeitY) which promote skilled manpower for employment.

5)Future Skills PRIME Scheme

The Programme is aimed at re-skilling IT professionals in 10 new technologies which include Virtual Reality, the Internet of things, Big data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Additive Manufacturing, Cyber Security, Blockchain, and Cloud Computing. It has been initiated by MeitY in collaboration with SSC-NASSCOM. The full form of PRIME is a Programme for reskilling/upskilling of IT Manpower for Employability.

6)Special Manpower Development Program for Chips to systems

MeitY has introduced this Umbrella program initiated under the Digital India program at 60 Academic and Research and Development Institutions spread across the Country including IITs, NITs, IISc, IITs, etc. The main objective of this Scheme is to broaden Capacity in the area of Microelectronics and Chips to System  Development.  It also promotes the Knowledge Exchange Program and gives protection of Intellectual Property.

7)Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan

This Scheme focuses on training the beneficiaries on the use of the Electronic Payment System. The Outcome measurement criteria would include undertaking at least 5 Electronic Transactions by each beneficiary using UPI, Cards, and Internet banking. It is being implemented as a central Sector Scheme by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology through an implementing agency namely CSC e-governance  Services India Limited with active collaboration of all the state governments and UT Administrations.

8)Information Security Education and Awareness Scheme

This Scheme focuses on the area of Information Security at various Levels, train government officials, and create mass awareness that targets more than 42000 students who were trained in various formal and non-formal course at various at various institutes. The Project also aims to provide government officials and create mass information security awareness.

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